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Korecraft is a synonym for carefully handcrafted sonic experiences. Exploring the limits in mind and matter, this label will always deliver. Floorfilling or outknocking emotional… Drifting. Ripping. Moving. Music by musicians.


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This German based label was brought into existence to explore the endless sonic variations our universe consists of. The fascination for sounds is the Kore we draw from when designing our musical journeys and it is the driving force feeding our craft. While bringing people together into the team and onto the dancefloor, Korecraft combines the energy and substance of different flavors in electronic music to create your mental atmosphere..

With Korecraft Dawn we want to emphasize on uplifting and artsy melodic vibes so everyone starts their day already dancing right unto the main stage and through the night. Each experience is carefully handcrafted while applying resonance guidelines gathered on our interstellar expeditions.

In our little four on the floor part of the galaxy, we see our music as the home around everything revolves and we invite other imaginative artists to shape it with us. We understand creating new and ambitious experiences to be our first directive and support our artists and friends in every step towards reaching this goal. We are doing so by expanding our musical knowledge and that of like-minded entities. Join us on our path to map the audible world even further and explore the white dots still left on the face of music.