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Clangwood – Remote Smile

KKORECRAFT Dawn KDWN015 May 14, 2021

Departing from Terra and waving goodbye to all healed sublime beings, Clang and Wood wanted to return to their home planet called KLAK Inc. A serious bubblegum malfunction in the engine room incapacitated the ‘fux’-capacitor and they stranded near Parblesnops. The place of their first encounter and its vibes instantly brought back the memories of their wicked trip here. This spot and its weird animals, colourful plants and the familiar smell of the monkey puzzle tree triggered a rush of inspiration leading to a fresh melodic progressive house track. Luckily their toy tricorder didn’t break and was hence fully utilized to distil the plucky happy melody building up to an exhilarating riff in the break. It’s fundamental joyous tone is a direct reflection of the breathtaking surroundings they share in this sonic postcard together with a ‘Remote Smile’ and a big fat grin.