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Clangwood – Heroic Poem EP

KORECRAFT Dawn KDWN003 July 19, 2019

Clangwood is made up of 2 synth loving freaks with Mayotek being the one and Ruhrkraft the other half. Both stem from the Ruhr-Area in Germany and have been exposed to electronic music for decades which shaped their current style. Their good-natured character is reflected back in their music and for them there’s no greater gift then people coming together to dance to this one rhythm. With the ‘Heroic Poem’ EP they are presenting themselves for the first time to the world. The innocent tune carrying the same name starts with its poetic melody and together with stunning pads it will connect itself right into your heart. ‘Tropical Island’ goes along the same lines with its feel good vibes. It describes the invigorating feeling of everything good is possible and sonically the fluid main synth line and rollicking vocals convey just that.