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Clangwood – Silky Essence

KORECRAFT Dawn KDWN011 August 14, 2020

Beautiful music calms the agitations of the soul and there is no doubt that it accommodates what it is surrounded with. With a good timing Clang and Wood return from their Moon Safaris to aid the healing of all sublime beings and their ‘Silky Essence’ from within. Their honest and happy soundscapes adapted in comparison to the debut EP because they were not exempt from the current evolution. To find a direct channel into your consciousness the name giver of the EP carries its vibe via the sentimental plucks and mesmerizing guitar. Which reminds us of the essential need to know what one hopes for and ‘Nice Weather For Plucks’ is Clangwoods broad hint towards that. The innocent piano and good weather forecast alleviates the exertion and promisingly shows the silver lining on the horizon.